The tradition brought ahead by the brothers Gaetano and Alfredo Falluto goes up again to the 1927. We are in the heart of the Sannio, in one of the numerous countries of the wine, in an earth that enjoys of a particular climate, where the rows of the grapevines and the green head of hair of the ulivis draw the sunny and uncontaminated hills. In 1984 the decision to go out of the social wine cellar to start working in really. The further breakthrough is in 1997 when the first labeled bottles go out, the call to the weapons of an oenologist, the care in the vineyards where they lower the surrenders for hectare. The results immediately are seen, favorite however from the good midday exposure of the vineyards all in half hill.

generous men

2 generous men

The job of 2 generous men, Alfredo and Gaetano and the marriage between the ancient country experience and the modern productive methodologies, are the additional ingredients, that allow a continuous qualitative growth

20 hectares

The sunny and uncontaminated hills and the particular weather conditions of this valley, contained between the Taburno mountain and the Matese mountains, are the ideal place for our 20 hectares of vineyards from which wines are gotten wines full of volume, of good dimension and particularly balanced in the tannins.

100 thousand bottles

Currently the wine cellar Corte Normanna produces around 100 thousand bottles a year, proposing a range of wines of good level. To the base there are the peculiar characteristics of the Sannio territory.