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Type of wine: distilled of the remains of the grapes derived from bitter Aglianico grape

Distillation: The method is discontinuous, the vinasse is flooded with copper alembic and the e processing is totally manual. The ancient and traditional method, adapt to guarantee, thanks to the long time of distillation and to the controlled temperature in the processing, an optimum distillate and a good “grappa”, characterized by inimitable aromatic herbs. This method is slow and difficult, but it’s the only method that, thanks to selected raw materials, allows to know the grappa’s sensorial profile.

Organoleptic characteristic: Distillate with a strong and inimitable character, that is evident in the delicate, intense and free perfumes. This type of grappa is unic and inimitable thanks to the natural softness, exalted by the ageing at least for 12 months in woods. This ageing method makes a grappa good for the palate with a sour cherry and vanilla sense.

Refinement: at least for 12 months in cash and barriques.

Alcohol content: 40% in vol.

Service: in tulips for grappa at 16-18 °C. Before to tasting, is recommended that the grappa rest for some minutes in the glass; in this way, the perfumes are exalted, the harmony nose-palate is completed.

Foods recommended: dry biscuits , dark chocolate at least at the 70%.



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