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Variety: pomace brandy obtained from Aglianico amaro grapes

Distillation: Discontinuous distillation of the pomace mash is carried out over a flame in an all-copper pot still. This time-honoured procedure is the only one whose prolonged distillation times and low temperatures ensure the complete separation of foreshot heads and feints from the centre cut of the distillate. The grappa thus obtained is entirely traditional and matchless in flavour and aroma. While it may be slow and laborious, this method is also the only way to allow the meticulously selected raw material and the distiller’s art to fully express the sensory profile of the burgeoning grappa. In fact, the distillate is so distinctive that it conserves all the aromas and fragrances of the grapes from which it was obtained.

Sensory profile: The distillation method and small charges of fresh pomace that are used in each batch transfer to the grappa all the vibrant, characteristic aromas and flavours of the original wine. This robust distillate has an outstanding personality that comes through in the subtly intense, uncompromising fragrances that lend vibrancy to its complex bouquet, and in the vigorous violets and red fruits flavours that lend vigour to its traditional, naturally soft-texture palate.

Maturation: In steel

Alcohol content: 40% by volume

Serve: In grappa tulips at 16-18 °C Before serving, allow the grappa to stand in the glass for one or two minutes; aeration will allow the aromas to emerge and enhance the spirit’s nose-palate consistency.

Suggested food matchings: petits fours, plain chocolate, dried fruit and nuts, honey



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