Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Le Chiuse
1 | Corte Normanna

Cultivars: Ortolana, Ortice, Racioppella

Harvesting system: stripping by hand at veraison

Pressing method: Cold-pressed in a continuous two-stage mill

Appearance: Limpid

Colour: Yellow with greenish highlights

Nose: Intense fragrances of newly pressed olives with fruity and herbaceous nuances

Palate: Elegant, soft, with appealing fruit-like sensations and tanginess

Density: Moderately free-flowing

Serving suggestions: Raw on bread or toast, or in dressings for pasta or rice, salads, vegetable or legume soups and boiled fish; a versatile ingredient in the kitchen for use in stews and sauces of all kinds

Acidity (oleic acid): 0.30%

Yield: 12%




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