From 1138 to 1460, the Sanframondos, feudal lords of Norman origin, were the masters of Guardia, a small commune in the Sannio territory of the province of Benevento. During the four centuries in wich the Norman seigneurie ruled the land, the Sanframondos encouraged cultural, economic and social development, and founded a fortified settlement at what is now Guardia Sanframondi. The territory has its own special site climates where rows of vines and the green foliage of the olive trees cover the unspoilt, sun-kissed slopes. This is the home of the Corte Normanna estate, wich for more than seven decades has applied its skills, heritage and passion to the continuous improvement of quality through meticolous selection, sophisticated technological innovation and the generous efforts of its workers. To taste the wines of such a bountiful land is to discover that the winemaker’s craft is now becoming an art.